Sunday, August 3, 2014

Baseball no go

Reagan slept well tonight (as far as I know anyway). She's been good today, albeit a little kooky. Still pretty stiff and with some overall clamminess. She seemed OK with her brother and all of his craziness, although she did get a little vocal at times! We even took some pictures of her sitting on the swing with him (and Grandma) that turned out pretty cute! She looked like she was "holding" onto him, but in reality she was just trying to get to her hand! Very "into" her had again today...she's got a big blister on her finger that will vouch to that! Tonight we had planned to head over to a Round Rock Express game (Mike had gotten free tickets from his boss). Reagan's nurse was going to stay late with her and we were going to attempt a later than usual outing with Ryan! We drove all the way to Round Rock, were maybe 0.5miles from the stadium, when Mike realized he left the tickets at home! We turned around came all the way back to our house (30-45min) and got the tickets. We were headed back again when Mike glanced down at them only to see that the tickets were for yesterday's game!!! UGH! So needless to say, we weren't too happy (except for the fact that he noticed it before we got too far)! Instead, we went and had a nice dinner and then came back home! That was enough excitement for the day. Reagan saved her poo up until we got home! She only had one today but it was a leaker! Between her and her brother, we've got some carpet cleaning to do! She's been very vocal/laughy tonight, so I'm hoping she'll settle down and get some sleep!

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