Monday, August 18, 2014

Aquarium adventure

Reagan had a really great day today. She slept well and woke up calm and collected! She's been super sweet and easy going all day (a little spitty/foamy but otherwise OK). She had OT and speech this morning and did well with both. Then this afternoon we decided to make another impromptu trip to the aquarium, when she's doing well, we've got to seize the day and do as much as we can! It was Grandma's first trip to the aquarium and she let Ryan run WILD! (Usually I try to keep him manageable and confined to his stroller!) He loved it! This is a small aquarium and they have a lot of "touch tanks", so he was sticking his arm in every tank he could reach! Grandma bought some shrimp to feed the rays, and they were coming up and nibbling on his fingers, he was in heaven! Reagan was pretty chill the whole time, I think she enjoyed herself, but she wasn't super animated, so it's hard to tell. Overall, another successful trip to the aquarium (glad we got those half price family passes)!! Tonight Reagan was very calm but still slightly spitty (but not at all nauseous). She finally dozed off with the help of clonidine...I hope she's in for another good night's sleep!

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