Monday, July 14, 2014

Weird days

Reagan continued sleeping the whole night through last night! Actually, this morning when I went in to check on her, she was laying there so relaxed that she had both arms up behind her head! Too cute! She woke up smiling today but is still pretty kooky. Her body is tense, of course sleeping for 36 hrs straight could make you a bit stiff, but she's been very "crunchy". Her OT did a lot of stretching to try to help her with that. She ate a little in speech but then dozed off about halfway through her session. She took a pretty long nap this afternoon and woke up a little tense but OK. It's a weird sort of streak she's on. I'm not sure which direction she's headed or what to expect! We've still got that MRI/ABR scheduled for Friday, so we probably won't know until the day before or the day of whether or not we're going through with it! Hoping we're in for at least a few (real) good days this week!

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