Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weird days

Today was another weird day for my girl. She had a restless night last night, I'm not sure how much or if she slept. When I got up this morning she was quietly laying in her bed wide awake all covers kicked off. For most of the morning she was very calm and quiet, hands by her sides...very still. Only the faintest of smiles. Then by afternoon, the chorea picked back up and the hands went back in the mouth! Her temperature regulation is still SO off...her hands and feet are like clammy icicles and her body is constantly overheating and she's sweating her clothes wet! She does best on the floor but we can't leave her laying down too long because she's also been a little spitty/chokey. Lots of tongue action and she's still biting on that lower lip (but not as much). We honestly have no idea what's going on. This is not the kind of day we would expect to see after a bad streak! When is she going to go from "off" to good? Or is she just going to jump right back into the bad again? We have no idea. Hoping for some sleep and some better days for my girl!

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