Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The same

Today was very similar to yesterday. Reagan slept well, woke up with some smiles, but still very tense and kooky. She was a little more sensitive to noises (and her brother) today. We had to be more careful talking around her, although she never cried, she did vocalize very loudly in disapproval. She had OT and PT today and she did OK with both. She's still just so tense, it's making everything more challenging. She's also still having some temperature regulation issues and very much into her hand. She was super sweet and cuddly tonight, although it was still a battle with that hand! A little more lip smacking and spitty/swallowing than I'd like to see. She also HATED any commercials that came on with music! Immediately she'd start getting upset! Hoping she's going to wind down and sleep tonight. She's definitely looking sleepy (lots of yawns) but restless!

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