Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stressed and bitey

Reagan slept in her chair last night because of her nausea. Thankfully she slept soundly and then woke up without nausea but she was very tense. Trying to bite her hand, lots of erratic movement. She was only awake for an hour or two before dozing back off again on her own. She slept most of the day. Every now and then she'd start thrashing around, but then she'd just doze back off. When she did wake up this afternoon, she was even more tense. She didn't react well to any seemed to overstimulate her and she'd laugh in a crazy laugh and then try to bite herself. Oxycodone helped to calm her down and she dozed back off again. She was still asleep tonight when I had to move her to change her and put her in her chair (she had been in her bean bag chair most of the day but there's no way to secure her in it overnight). She woke up a bit crazy and then had a hard time falling back to sleep. Even with clonidine, it took almost an hour for her to settle back down and go back to sleep! I would definitely call this a bad day (this is day 11 since her last). While it wasn't filled with the typical tears and she slept through most of it, you could still tell she was highly stressed and uncomfortable. I'm hoping she'll get through this quickly and we'll have our happy smiley girl again very soon!

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