Monday, July 21, 2014

Not good

So today definitely got started on the wrong foot! Reagan woke us up around 6:20am. She was making some noise so Mike was just going to pick her up and put her in her chair, but when he got in there he found her soaked in throw up! She had it all in her hair, down her arm, and on her shirt! Poor thing! We cleaned her up and put her in her chair and she seemed fine. Then around 9am she had another pretty big throw up, and then another little one a little later, and then a huge one around 10:20am. After that one, she got a little sleepy, so her nurse decided to check her pulse/O2 and her heartrate was through the roof 180-200 (even though she was acting fatigued). We decided to give her some clonidine to try to calm her down a little and help her sleep. She dozed off and her heartrate went down to mid 140s. Her pediatrician wanted us to bring her in to get checked out at 11:45am. So we dragged sleeping beauty out of the house to the doctor's office. They took all of her vitals in the office and other than a lower than normal blood pressure (probably a result of the clonidine), everything was normal. Her heartrate was in the 120s and he O2 sats looked good. We decided to switch her over to pediatlyte for a while and then slowly reintroduce formula. We are also checking her vitals on a regular basis. Everything looks good for now. We changed her diaper and I held her for a bit around 5pm, but she did get a little spitty and look slightly gaggy. You can just tell she does better in her chair when she's more upright and better supported. On a fun note, we're still dealing with major diarrhea from her brother...yesterday morning and this morning he had HUGE liquidy diapers that leaked all over the floor (ever since his throw up incident last Wed)! And then this morning I also threw out something in my back (again)! I would equate the pain with labor pains! Thankfully, I took some pain reliever and have managed to make it through the day without any more debilitating incidents! Hopefully I can get out of bed and still do my morning run tomorrow! So...needless to say, this day has had way more of the bad kind of excitement than I would like! Prayers for no more nausea and good days for my sweet girl!

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