Saturday, July 19, 2014


Reagan slept like a rock last night and then continued sleeping most of the morning. When she did finally wake up, she was very serious and tense. Lots of kicking and furrowing of her brow. She didn't really want to be messed with and the more we tried, the more irritated she seemed. Her nurse noticed that her left leg seemed a little swollen (but it looked fine by the end of the day). We also noticed that her extension are just spinning around in her button (her gj tube). Whatever it is inside that locks her extension, must've broken off. The only thing I can think of is that she grabbed and yanked her tube last night (she's been very grabby today), because it wasn't doing this yesterday. It's nothing to be immediately concerned over, it will probably just need to be changed out a little early this time around. She dozed back off in her bean bag chair and slept most of the afternoon (her weekend nurse is beginning to think she bores her)! She woke back up around 7pm and was still pretty tense. She wasn't sensitive though and she tolerated hanging out downstairs with everyone just fine. Tonight she seemed to calm down a little and when I picked her up and held her, she immediately fell asleep! My sleeping beauty girl! Such a doll.

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