Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sensitive with a side of nausea

Reagan finally slept in her bed last night! She woke up fairly early, but she was in a decent mood and was happy to just sit and watch cartoons for a bit. She's definitely been more tense today. You can see it in her body and her mood. She's having these bursts of energy where she'll have a lot of chorea and get vocal...not good. She's a lot more sensitive (even flinchy over sudden moves or noises) and she flipped out a little when Mike's sister came up to see her and was talking to her nurse. We had wanted to get her into the pool today now that things are a lot more calm around here, but it just wasn't worth risking a total freakout! She was also a lot more spitty today. Tonight it escalated and while I was holding her she had a big throw up (that even came out her nose)! I gave her clonidine early and it helped her to doze off and avoid any more nausea episodes. We didn't have any choice but to put her to sleep again  in her chair...we just couldn't risk her waking up nauseous while laying down. Hopefully she can sleep off the nausea tonight but I have no idea what to expect from her tomorrow. It would definitely seem that we're heading in the wrong direction right now. Please keep her in your prayers!

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