Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Relaxed day, tense night

Reagan slept well last night (in her chair) and woke up this morning in a pretty good mood. There was some slight sensitivity to noises, but overall she's been pretty laid back. Arms resting by her side, legs that are almost completely still...a little unusual for my active girl. She had PT and OT today and did really well with both. OT is so impressed with how well she's doing bearing weight through her arms! This afternoon she was getting a little vocal, so we suspected her tummy was bothering her. I helped her to go, so hopefully that will relieve some of the discomfort. Tonight she did have one little mishap when we brought her downstairs. I don't know if it was just overstimulation (her brother was pretty crazy) or the tv noise or Daddy yelling at the soccer game or what, but she started crying and was pretty weepy for a while. I gave her a dose of Lortab and that seemed to take the edge off. It's amazing how she can go from being so relaxed and laid back all day, to tensing up and completely losing it tonight! I also noticed she was biting at her lower lip again tonight...just another sign of increased tension. She was getting sleepy but you could tell she was fighting it. I did finally give her a dose of clonidine, but it didn't seem to help, she was NOT going to sleep in her bed (she was getting vocal and kicking around, but not really fussing like the night before). She dozed off shortly after we put her in her chair. Sometimes I think she just needs that extra support in order to let her body relax. Hoping she'll sleep tonight and wake up happy tomorrow!

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