Friday, July 25, 2014

So sick of nausea!

Reagan slept well until 4am or so. I could hear her moving around, so Mike got up and went in there. She wasn't falling back asleep though, so around 4:30am, I decided to move her into her chair (my concern was her laying flat and getting nauseous). Once in her chair, she actually started having bouts of fussiness. They'd come and go. I definitely think something was hurting her. Poor girl. I gave her a dose of Lortab and she finally dozed back off around 5:30am. This morning she kept sleeping and we actually thought she might sleep all day! She did however wake up around 9:30am, just in time for PT. At first she did fine, although she was very tense in her body and slightly gaggy, but the more her therapist tried moving her (and stretching her), the more irritated she got, fussing/whining. Her nurse did give her a dose of oxycodone to try to calm her down and that seemed to help a little. Her speech therapist saw her immediately following PT and she just took it easy with her. My poor girl was definitely not feeling well. Her nausea just continued to increase, lots of mouth movements and retching, which was only made worse by her continuously shoving her fingers down her throat. She was desperately in need of a bath, so while brother was napping we managed to give her a quick bath, but it was a difficult task with such a gaggy girl (diaper changes were equally as challenging). After her bath she dozed off and slept the rest of the afternoon. Every now and then she'd flail around and try to put her hands in her mouth (and gag) while keeping her eyes closed, but just holding her arms down would help her to settle down and fall back to sleep. She woke back up around 30min or so before her nurse left, stayed awake long enough to have her diaper changed (only the second of the day), and move downstairs where she later fell back asleep! Hoping she makes the transfer into her bed and gets some sleep tonight (and wakes up without nausea tomorrow)!! Even with all the nausea she had today, there were no throw ups, so hopefully we're headed in the right direction!?!? 

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