Friday, July 11, 2014

Kooky girl

Reagan slept OK last night. She was awake and laughing by 4 or 5am and then Mike finally moved her from her bed to her tomato chair around 6:30am. She's been kooky again all day today. Very laughy, but the whiney sort of laugh that doesn't really sound happy, more sad. She had OT this morning and her therapist did a lot of mat work with her, which is great on days when she's a little on edge. She did almost freak out when her therapist was leaving and telling her goodbye, but she settled down and recovered. After OT, she had speech. It was definitely a modified sort of speech session because we had to be really careful about talking around her, but she did do a little feeding therapy and seemed to enjoy that. This afternoon she really seemed to be escalating and uncomfortable. We finally decided to try to some Lortab and that seemed to help (for an hour or so anyway). She settled down and was a little less vocal, but just seemed more comfortable for a little while. Her temperature regulation has been WAY off today and she's biting at that lower lip, but not crazy biting. We have no idea what's going on with her on days like this. Is she in pain, is she having some sort of manic (neurologic) episode that she has no control over? We have no idea! I'm really hoping she'll pull it together and get back on track to 100% good days! I would sure love to her to have a good weekend. Next Friday she's scheduled to have her MRI/ABR (this is the one we've already had to reschedule once). Hopefully it will happen this time. We'll see! Tonight she's been less crazy and more just plain sweet.  

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