Monday, June 30, 2014

Awesome aquarium day

Reagan had a really great day today! This morning she was making some strange sounds in her sleep that made us worry that she might not wake up in the best mood...boy were we wrong! She woke up sweet and smiley and just perfect! She had speech and OT this morning and did great with both. Then this afternoon she was so wonderful, we decided to make a quick impromptu trip to the Aquarium! This was our first trip since school let out and while it was busier than usual, it still wasn't bad. Reagan and Ryan both seemed to enjoy our outing (although Ryan still whimpered as we passed by his old school...twice)! Tonight Ryan went swimming with Daddy while Reagan and I chilled inside. Poor girl, she's got a huge mosquito bite on her arm! Not sure where it came may have been from the other night when I took her swimming or one may have gotten into the house to get her...who knows (but it looks terrible)! After brother went to bed, Reagan and I had some good snuggle time, although we did notice that she seemed to be sensitive to us talking (she got tears in her eyes several times, but never actually cried). Then when Daddy tried to put her to bed tonight, she was just NOT having it. Lots of craziness. She wasn't crying, just vocalizing in an agitated sort of way! Finally we just moved her to her chair and she fell asleep in less than a minute! Poor thing. Sometimes she just needs more support. Hopefully she's able to sleep tonight. Not sure what this craziness was about tonight after such a laid back wonderful day!?!?!

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