Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sweet girl

Reagan had a pretty good day today! She was a little laughy, but in a good way! She was laid back all day and (thankfully) that led to her first bowel movement in 7 days! It would seem she's cycling with those as well. When she's tense...nothing happens. As she starts to relax, we have a day or two with several! It's all or nothing with this girl! She only had one therapy today, PT and she did well with that. One slight problem...her therapist had her all AFO'd up and strapped into her stander when we realized the battery is dead (she has an electric stander) and there was no way to get her upright!! We haven't charged it since the move (it obviously holds a charge for quite a while), but we can't find the cord for the charger anywhere! I had to call the DME company and light a fire under them to get someone out to look at it and put in an order for a new cord! (They wanted to send someone out next week, but I gave them such a hard time, they sent someone within the hour!) Hopefully she won't have to go too long without using it! We also need them to readjust it for her when they come back out because she has definitely grown some in the last couple of months! Such a long legged girl! So all in all, it was a laid back sort of day. Hanging out, watching cartoons with brother, watching as he went crazy for the Ikea swing we've never used in this house! Good times! She's been a little spitty today but we're going to try discontinuing the Zofran tonight and seeing how she does. Hopefully it's all good from here on out!

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Clarissa said...

oh my goodness is she ever a cutie and looks so much Abi ;) i'm glad she is feeling better.. now if only the good days would stick around for a long time... praying!