Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kooky and vocal

Reagan slept in her bed til about 4:30 or so, but I was afraid to just leave her laying flat like that for too long, so we moved her to her chair. She dozed back off and slept for a while longer. She was very vocal all day today. Lots of crazy, nervous laughing. We had to be careful about not overstimulating her, because she was laughing but still very much on edge (thankfully no nausea). She only had one therapy today, OT, and she did OK with that. She did have two huge liquidy diapers, so it's very possible that maybe she did pick up some sort of stomach virus from her brother?!? It's hard to say. I feel like if I had seen her nausea episode yesterday I might have been able to distinguish whether it was typical for her nauseous days or if it was a different sort of "sick" nausea, but I was at a drs appt and the nurse that was here with her had never seen one of her nausea spells, so it's hard to say. She was kooky but stable most of the day yesterday (and no more crazy heartrate issues). However, right as the nurse was leaving and Mike was bringing her downstairs, she started crazy laughing/crying! Her nurse gave her Lortab and I think that took the edge off for a little while, but she continued doing that off and on the rest of the night. She seemed to calm down when I'd pick her up and hold her, but it took some coaxing, she wasn't easy to console. I was skeptical that she'd ever go to sleep. I was holding her and she was yawning a lot, but still very vocal (right in my ear) and on edge. Mike finally went and laid down with her, but she continued to be very vocal. When he came to bed she was still making a lot of vocalizations, but I went in and checked on her and her eyes were closed! Hopefully she's able to get some sleep tonight! Poor girl, I have no clue what's going on with her or even which direction she's headed at this point, but she could definitely use some better days!

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