Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th

Reagan had another surprisingly good day today! She was super sensitive to Daddy's voice (or any man's voice, she freaked out when Grandpa was talking too), but she got a little better as the day went on. Just to be safe we kept her upstairs when we had people over for July 4th (our next door neighbors, their family, and some of our family). Reagan's nurse was here until 4, so that was really helpful. Overall she was pretty laid back. Giving us the occasional smile, but we had to work for it! Still very tense in her body but calm (except for bursting into tears a few times). Several of the kiddos wanted to go upstairs and see her and she did fine with that. Tonight she even tolerated going out to see the fireworks from our culdesac! She's a lot more laid back tonight and not showing many signs of nausea (just the occasional spittiness or biting her lip)...fingers crossed she sleeps in her bed tonight and wakes up happy tomorrow!
Forcing brother to lay beside her for a second! 

At first Ryan wasn't loving the chaos of all the kids in his pool, but he eventually got used to it!

Loving on Grandma tonight!

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