Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fussy crunchipotomus

On a good note, Reagan has not had any nausea today (thank you God), but on a bad note, she just hasn't been feeling well! This morning I found her stuck flat on her tummy, unable to turn over! Her eyes were still closed though, so I just repositioned her and left her for a while longer. Not sure how much quality sleep she got last night. She's been very moany/groany today, escalating into tears at times. She's having lots of gas, so it's very possible that her tummy is what's ailing her, but there's no way to tell. She's super tense in her body, very crunchy (she reminds me of a rolly poly), biting at her hand I've spent most of the day trying to keep her hand out of her mouth and giving her breaks from sitting in her chair (her preferred positioning). She's done OK on the floor, but her crunchiness just makes her roll over to her side a lot. In general, she's just fussy. Whiney...moany...pretty miserable! She did sleep off and on thanks to Lortab and clonidine. I always hold out, not really wanting to give her any more medications, but some days they are just necessary. We didn't have a nurse today so were actually hoping we could load everyone up and take a little road trip. That did not happen. Today just wasn't the day. Reagan was also pretty sensitive to noises and sounds (especially music on tv), so it worked out better for me to just stay upstairs with her most of the day. Tonight she reluctantly dozed off in her chair and I didn't dare move her. It's a very restless sleep so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she's able to sleep through the night. She really needs some quality rest!

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