Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A bit goofy

Reagan slept OK last night. She was a little laughy. Waking me up around 1:30am laughing and then again at 4:30 or so. She's been a little goofy today. A little more tense with her laughing...a little more "on edge". She was gagging a little this morning (actual retches), so we did give her a dose of Zofran this am. We had a swim playdate today with a little girl who also has mito and lives in our same town. She's 5 and reminds me so much of Reagan was she was that age. She tried out one of Reagan's swim floats (which she was not too crazy about) and eventually we were able to get everyone into the pool. The girls seemed to enjoy getting out more than getting in, but overall I think they both did really well. Ryan, of course, just enjoyed the opportunity to get into the pool in the morning (which he never gets to do)! Reagan had an abbreviated session of speech (since she was in the pool for part of it) and then she had school this afternoon. She got a little excited at first with her teacher, but she calmed down and made it through just fine. Tonight she was very vocal and very kooky. She completely flipped out 20min after her nighttime dose of clonidine. Thankfully, a dose of Lortab seemed to counter the effects and she was asleep in less than 10min. Hopefully she'll sleep well tonight and wake up feeling a lot more relaxed tomorrow.
Reagan and her nurse Megan! 

Reagan and Chloe post-swim looking pretty chill! 

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