Saturday, June 7, 2014

The sweetness is back

It's been a pretty good day for my girl. She slept last night but was a little restless. Her pump kept going off (over and over again) because her tubing was kinking. When we went in this morning, we found her completely soaked in formula! Her tube obviously kinked again and the med port popped open this time, so her intestinal fluids leaked out and the pump fed the bed for the remainder of the night! What a mess! She was in good spirits though and after changing her clothes I held her for a bit (obviously in just the right position) and she had a big poo diaper on her own! She was a sweet, smiley girl all day today (even giving us some laughs). Her temperature regulation is back to normal and the only quirk we're noticing is a little spittiness and a lot of tongue action. Tonight she was really fighting sleep (she got a little gaggy at one point)...I carried her up and down the stairs twice and finally on the second trip, she stayed asleep! Hoping for a more restful night's sleep tonight for my girl and another sweet smiley day tomorrow!

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