Monday, June 2, 2014

Tense but smiling

Reagan slept well last night but woke up very tense and sensitive today. She's been OK, we've just had to be super careful with her to prevent a total meltdown. Her OT came this morning and she was not at all interested in her eye gaze device. In fact, she did very well at telling her so by looking away and refusing to look at it altogether! I'd say that's communication! She almost lost it when she heard her brother crying downstairs, but she was able to distract her and prevent it. She was very tense throughout the day and very much on edge, but still giving us smiles (that is, when her hand wasn't jammed down her throat)! Her nurse actually had to keep her hand away from her most of the day because she was getting close to the point of biting, a few times she ended up with tooth marks, so we wanted to prevent any real injury. This afternoon her teacher came and she did well for the most part. Toward the end, her teacher broke out a noisy toy (despite warning her of Reagan's sensitivity) and Reagan just about lost it! She got as close to crying (without out actually crying) as she could get and her teacher decided to just wrap it up! Thankfully she recovered and was actually fairly calm the rest of the night. Still trying to get at her hand, still easily excitable (I had to be careful as to what came on tv), but stable and even smiley. I'm still not sure if she's headed toward good or bad days! Hoping she's able to get some sleep tonight, as she's still a bit restless!

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