Monday, June 23, 2014

Tense but OK (until bedtime)

Reagan slept OK last night and woke up this morning feeling a little improved. Not as serious, still tense in her body and slightly sensitive, but sweet. She had speech and OT in the morning and actually did pretty well with those (considering). Then this afternoon she just took it easy. She was a little sensitive to talking and her brother's craziness, but she held it together. Tonight she had a nice relaxing bath and then came downstairs and rolled around on the floor for a bit (she was getting way too sweaty sitting in her chair). Then I picked her up and held her and she really fought going to sleep (even with clonidine). I held her tight and that seemed to help and she eventually dozed off. Unfortunately the transfer to her bed didn't go as well, and she started crying and had to be put in her chair. Lortab seemed to settle her down and once all cozied up in her chair, she did finally go to sleep. Not sure what to expect for tomorrow, but I'm going to start the Zofran now. She was definitely doing a lot of mouth movements tonight (smacking her lips and swallowing a lot) right before bed, so I'm not sure if she was nauseous or what. Hoping she is able to get some sleep tonight!

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