Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Teething but sweet (except for the biting)!

Reagan slept well last night and woke up feeling a little better today. She was still tense, but not nearly as sensitive. Temperature regulation is definitely worse, but otherwise she's had a pretty good day. She did really well with speech, PT, and OT (and even did a great job using her eye gaze)! She did accidentally bite her nurse on the shoulder...but her hands were restrained and she went for the nearest thing (we actually think she thought it was her hand)! She's also teething! I first noticed a few days ago, but her nurse noticed last week...she's finally getting those two top lateral incisors in (she lost them at least a year and a half ago)! One has already broken through and the other one is just under the gums...maybe that's why she keeps sticking her tongue out?!?! Hopefully they'll come in and push her two front teeth back together! Because of her mouthiness, we did try to keep her left hand away from her most of the day...she's a fighter though and kept getting it away from us! Her brother busted his lip tonight on the baby gate. He likes to jump/bounce up and down when he's excited, well he got a little too close to the gate and ended up with a bloody lip! He's a tough guy though and by the time it stopped bleeding, he had already forgotten about it! Never a dull moment over here! We still really have no clue what to expect with Reagan (and her good/bad days). Praying that she's on the upswing of things and that she's able to get her MRI/ABR on Friday!

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