Friday, June 27, 2014

Super sleepy

Reagan had a super sleepy day today! She slept like a rock last night and woke up around 9am. She was crunchy and a little serious/tense...not at all what I would have like to see after a sleepy day. But apparently she had more sleep to catch up on because around 10:45 she dozed back off and slept most of the day! Finally around 4:15pm she woke back up and was a little more laid back, but still a little tense. We brought her downstairs and she wasn't sensitive at all (her brother is always a good gauge of that...since he's alway whining or yelling about something). While he and Daddy went for a late swim, Reagan (with my help) finally had a big poo (again it's been days), and afterward she got very sleepy. I definitely think that helped to loosen her up and bit and then she dozed off in my arms. She was in bed by 9, even before her brother (because of his late swim) and I think she's in for another good night's rest! She was laying there with her arms up above her head...that's always a good sign that she's relaxed and going to sleep well! Thankful for some rest for my girl and looking forward to a much needed good weekend for her!

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