Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Super sensitive

Reagan had an awful night last night. She kept waking up moaning, you could just tell something was genuinely causing her pain! When she woke up at 5:30am, I decided to just turn the television on for her. That seemed to calm her down a little and she even gave us a few laughs. By the time her nurse got here at 8, she seemed a lot less stressed, sleeping off an on (without medication). The only thing she really hated...diaper changes! She did NOT like being laid down and would get fussy every time she needed to be changed, but other than that, she was actually pretty good. Her body was a lot less tense and stressed today. She'd sit for extended periods of time, completely calm and quiet. She had speech and OT today and did fine with both (although OT said that she was very floppy). She's still very sensitive to sounds, very jumpy and easily startled, and Ryan almost sent her over the edge tonight. Thankfully, I was able to send him outside with Daddy where he blew off some energy in the pool and then came back inside much more quiet! Reagan has still been a little nauseous/spitty and biting on that lower lip (but nowhere near as bad as yesterday). She's still having some temperature regulation issues (sweaty back/ice cold hands and feet), but with her being a little nauseous, putting her on the ground to roll around is not an option! I'm hoping she'll be able to fall asleep and actually sleep in her bed tonight! We'll see. I think we're headed in the right direction...we're just not there yet! 

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Clarissa said...

sometimes I just can't believe how similar Abi and Reagan are! Anyway... I hate that Reagan is going through these nasty cycles! Praying she gets a break!