Friday, June 6, 2014

So much better

Thank you for all the prayers! Reagan slept all night last night (in her chair) and woke up feeling much better this morning! When I say much better...I mean MUCH better! Although her body has still been tense, her overall demeanor has been quite relaxed. When awake she's been very calm and quiet, but she's also taken some very long naps today as well. I'm just SO happy to see her feeling better. Tonight she was a little mouthy/spitty, but she dozed off on her own and even though she's still a little restless, she's in her own bed! Hopefully she'll continue to improve as the weekend goes on! Grandma will be here all weekend, so I know she'll be happy about that! I'm having some issues myself today. I noticed a week or so ago that I had a sore throat and pus on my tonsils (similar to Ryan's), I went in and they couldn't find anything (similar to Ryan). Well then a day or two ago I noticed some tenderness to skin behind my left ear. And then today it's spreading down my neck and when I swallow my ear hurts! I have no clue what's going on, but I think I'll head into the Saturday clinic at my Drs office tomorrow morning. I'm just afraid that they won't know what it is. Ryan's been tugging at his ears again this week and I wonder if he's experiencing the same thing! Ugh. I just don't want Reagan to end up with this nonsense! Prayers that whatever it is, it can be resolved quickly and not passed on to my girl!

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