Thursday, June 12, 2014


Reagan slept OK last night. She was pretty restless and moved around quite a bit, but I think she still managed to get some decent sleep. She's been a little sensitive today. She did OK with PT. They were able to get her up in the stander for a bit, but she let them know 10min or so later she was DONE! She had OT in the afternoon and freaked out a bit at the beginning (tears and all), her nurse gave a quick dose of oxycodone and she calmed down and finished her session. The rest of the afternoon she just took it easy. She wasn't fussy per say (because she was even smiling off and on), just sensitive.  Tonight the sound of Daddy's voice seemed to be a trigger, so I spent my night upstairs with her and Mike stayed downstairs with Ryan. I'm hoping my sweet girl can get some sleep tonight and wake up feeling better in the morning.

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