Thursday, June 5, 2014

Really bad

Sooooo, just as I thought. My girl has had a horrible bad day today. The worst we've seen in a really long time! Thankfully last night she slept the whole night through (in her chair), but she woke up crying this morning and has been crying/miserable every waking moment today. On a good note, she has been able to sleep through most of the day, but on a bad note, it was only with the help of medication. Needless to say, I've made the decision to cancel her procedure scheduled for tomorrow (MRI/ABR). I just don't think it's smart to put her under anesthesia when her body is already under so much stress. It's not worth the risk! Not to mention, these are not tests that we have to have done right this second (which is good because the soonest we could reschedule is more than a month away). So here we are. The bad days are back and in full force, but she did technically go a little longer between cycles this go round (13-15 days instead of the usual 11). I'm hoping today is her only miserable day and that we see dramatic improvement by tomorrow. Grandma is going to be here this weekend and I'd hate for her to miss out on enjoying that because of bad days! I want to take a moment to mention our wonderful nurse (we actually have two really great nurses now)...Megan has been with us since we moved to Austin. She has seen Reagan at her best and at her worst! Today was definitely one of those worse days and it's a lot to handle 10hrs of "bad day"...but she went above and beyond and even stayed late tonight because Mike was running late! She genuinely cares about Reagan and even texts me on the weekend to check in on her! SO thankful to have her! 

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