Friday, June 13, 2014

More sensitive

Reagan was a little restless again last night, but she slept. I finally saw her moving around at 7:45am or so, only to go in and find her completely soaked with formula! Her stupid extension popped out again! This particular one just had a way of working itself into the unlocked position and it was getting old (6 days old) and stiff and just popped right out! Thankfully her button replugged itself (so none of that leaked out), but unfortunately when the tube popped out, it landed right next to her head and continued pumping the rest of the night! So her entire head (and hair) was soaked with formula! Needless to say, we immediately bathed her and got her all cleaned up (had to strip down and wash the entire bed)! She was a great sport about it though. Initially when we went in and started talking over her, she freaked out, but she calmed down as soon as Mike picked her up (and we stopped talking). That pretty sums up yesterday. She was very sensitive, specifically to us talking. As long as we were very careful and quiet, she was stable. Still very tense and constantly into her hand. She liked giving me a hard time today...she'd be perfectly fine with her nurse, then I'd come in and talk to her and she'd start getting over excited! Lots of tongue action (and making weird slurpy noises because she was trying to breathe out of her mouth while her tongue was hanging out), but no real nausea to speak of (although she's still on round the clock Zofran)! I'm sick of these off days for my girl, but I guess I shouldn't expect any major improvements on Friday the 13th! Hoping she stabilizes and has a more laid back sort of weekend!

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