Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweet girl and Ryan drama

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning feeling great. She had an early session of speech followed by OT and she did well with both of those. We're currently talking to our OT about options for a high/low sort of changing table/therapy table. Right now we all make a lot of transitions on and off the floor with Reagan and it's hurting everyones backs. Reagan's OT threw her back out a month or so ago lifting Reagan, I did it this weekend, and even our new nurse was saying she was having some back pain as well, so this is definitely an issue we need to try to address. At some point we'll also have to look for a lift system and a stair lift (or elevator) if we plan on staying in this house long term, but for now this should help to postpone some of those more expensive, permanent house modifications. Ryan decided to keep things interesting today, and I got a call from his "school' saying that he was hitting and crying a lot today. I went in an hour early to pick him up and basically was told that he had a week to shape up or they were kicking him out! That's right, kicking our 27 month old out of a church based mother's day out! He's a sweet boy but he's still working on getting caught up verbally, so he has the tendency to just reach out and hit when he wants something or gets frustrated. Well, apparently the school has never dealt with a child that does that (yeah right), so it looks like we might be in the market for a new school for him. It's very frustrating because I think he's done really well up to this point, but the teacher that was so great with him is off all summer and I think the remaining teacher (who never seemed to work with him at all) and director just don't want to deal with him. It makes me very upset because he really needs that structure and exposure to other kids, so I have no idea what we're going to do now! Ryan did not get the memo that he was supposed to be our easy child!! No drama from my girl today though. She's been great! Tonight she didn't really seen to enjoy hearing is talk about Ryan drama, and she let us know by getting a little excited, but she'd quiet down as we stopped! She did get a little kooky after her pm dose of clonidine, but settled down as soon as I picked her up and fell asleep in my arms! Such a sweetie!! 


Diane said...

Glad Reagan is back on her good days. I would be furious about the Mother's Day out! Ryan is just a baby!!! Of course he is going to be frustrated.. URGH.. Well that just indicates he will be better off somewhere else where they are educated on the basic development of children.

Reagan Leigh said...

I'm really torn right now as to whether I should go on a hunt to find a new school right away or just take the summer off and try to get him around other neighbor kids and implementing some activities for him to do at home. I just want to do what's best for him...I just don't know what that is!