Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fun at the park

Reagan has had another great day today! She was a little restless last night and I found her this morning squirmed to the end of her bed with all her covers kicked off, but she's been sweet and smiley again so we were ecstatic about that! She has been slightly sensitive to noises (and almost got over excited a couple of times) and her temperature regulation is a bit off, but otherwise, she's been perfect! She had a great session of PT and OT again today and then we decided to hit the road and go explore the All Abilities Park in Round Rock (only about 20min away). There was some cloud cover when we left, so I thought it might be the perfect time for us to go, but once we got there it was all sun all the time! We didn't stay super long, but we were there long enough to realize we definitely want to go back! It's very similar to Morgan's Wonderland, obviously to a lesser extent, but there was a lot of the same sort of equipment/set up. Some neat swings we'll have to try out next time (when it's not smoldering hot)! Ryan enjoyed himself and Reagan had an admirer (and 18yr old girl with special needs) that followed us throughout the park asking constant (repeating) questions about her! It was sweet though, and I think Reagan enjoyed the rock star treatment! We did finally have to leave because Ryan was turning as red as a lobster and Reagan was getting pretty warm herself. We will definitely go back, and often, once it cools down! It was a quiet night with a worn out brother and a sweaty girl! 

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