Friday, June 20, 2014

Easy going

Reagan had another good day today. Slept well, still a little restless. She woke up early again and I found both her and her brother wide awake and watching cartoons by the time I got out of bed! She's been sweet and smiley again today. Very laid back and calm. She had speech today and although she didn't seem interested in using her eyegaze device, she still successfully made choices and even had some tastes of pear & mango baby food! It was a pretty easy going day. Not a lot going on, probably would have been a better day to try our hand at the was even a little cooler (oh well). Ryan had a very unsuccessful first and last class at The Little Gym. I really hated it (the format was similar to Gymboree, but without the cute/catchy songs and well thought out class) and Ryan was not at all into it...just too much free play and not enough structure! I think I need to see about getting him into an actual gymnastics class. He likes to go and do, he does not like to sit still and wait! He's definitely got his Daddy's attention span! Tonight Ryan went swimming with Mike and Reagan and I snuggled inside. She's still having a lot of temperature regulation problems, so she does better being held or rolling around on the floor (because she sweats like crazy in her chair)! Tonight she dozed off on her own (in my arms) but she was VERY twitchy and restless and kept popping back awake. Hopefully she's able to sleep tonight, things are definitely a little off, but she's hanging in there!

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