Sunday, June 29, 2014

Calm and collected

Reagan slept well last night, despite being a little more restless than previous nights (kept kicking her covers off). She woke up in a good mood and she's had a pretty laid back day (that is, if you don't count another large liquidy diaper requiring yet another immediate bath). Not super smiley, no real laughs, but calm and collected (with the occasional vocalization). Big wide eyes. Just plain precious. Ryan had a good day too. He went over to our neighbor's house and played in their sprinkler/baby pool with their youngest boy (4yrs) and then went over to our neighborhood pool with our neighbor's boys and their cousins. He did surprisingly well. No hitting, no tantrums...I was very impressed! Needless to say, he was big time worn out when he got home, but still resisting sleep! Reagan was a good girl tonight. Very sweet and content. She did get a little spitty/chokey when I tried to pick her up and hold her. Eventually I had to just put her back in her chair to get her more upright and the choking stopped. She didn't doze off on her own, but about an hour after a dose of clonidine, she finally closed her eyes! Such a sweetie! Hoping for a great week for my girl!

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Clarissa said...

glad she is doing better!