Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Awesome girl, awesome day!!

How our day goes is dependent on how Reagan's day is going. Today has been an awesome day for my girl, so needless to say, it was an awesome day for everyone else! She slept well (maybe a little restless but OK) and woke up sweet and smiley. She had an early session of speech, which we began with a little parachute time! Ryan was giddy, Reagan enjoyed it, but not to that extent! Then she had a great session with OT. Lots of floor work (and two more poos today)! Immediately after OT, her teacher came for her first session of ESY. She did great with that as well. So since it was such a super awesome day, we decided that as soon as her brother woke from his nap, we were going to jump in the pool (Reagan's first time since we moved in and only my second)! Reagan was great! She was a little startled at first, but she did just fine and seemed to enjoy floating around. Ryan, as always, was happy to get in and swim around like a fish (spending most of his time in the deep end making me nervous)! Afterward Reagan lounged a bit under the umbrella and then spent some time in the swing (that is, until her brother kicked her out, cry baby)!! She was great the rest of the night. Super sweet and laid back. Very cuddly. Loving these good days for my girl. She was a little restless and fighting sleep tonight, but she did eventually fall asleep with Daddy laying next to her!
Love this picture (but there's a speck on the mirror that is right over Reagan's eye)!! 

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Jennifer said...

I love all the pictures! What a great day!