Thursday, May 1, 2014

Super sleepy

Well, it looks like my girl finally got the rest she needed! Today was a sleepy day! She slept all night and then just kept sleeping throughout the day. She'd move her arms around and stretch and move a lot, but not even a diaper or clothing change could wake her up! Tonight our Bible study was cancelled, so we took advantage of our babysitting (Grandpa) and went to a movie! It's been three years since we last saw a movie (in a theater)! We went to Alamo drafthouse and were able to eat dinner and watch a movie at the same time (very efficient use of our time)! We were back home by 8:15 so I was still able to put Ryan to bed and do all of Reagan's medicines no problem! Right around 9pm Reagan started vocalizing and tossing and turning! Daddy laid down in bed with her, but her stuffy nose made it hard for her to breathe as well as sleep! Hopefully she'll settle down and be able to sleep tonight

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