Friday, May 23, 2014

Still not right

Last night was awful for Reagan, she was very restless and kept waking up moaning over and over again! It was brutal. No clue what was bothering her, completely clueless on how to help her! Very frustrating! This morning she did improve. She actually seemed to get better as the day went on. We did take her in to the pediatrician to get everything checked out, but other than some clear fluid in her ears (no pus or redness), she was good. We did get a prescription for antibiotics just in case it progresses into a full on ear infection over the holiday weekend, but she really thinks it's just fluid in there as a result of her sinus congestion. We'll see. Tonight she did get increasingly agitated again. Lots of moaning and restlessness. Medicines aren't helping her to stay asleep, so I'm afraid we're in for another miserable one tonight. Please keep her in your prayers! It's heartbreaking to see her like this and not know what's going on or how to help her. 

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