Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Smiley girl

Reagan did not sleep well last night. She was very restless and around 2:30am I could hear her awake and kicking around in her bed! I got up, changed her diaper, and put her in her special tomato chair. I think she eventually went back to sleep because she did quiet down, but she definitely didn't sleep much. When I got up this morning she was wide awake, still very tense in her body, and kicking...but on a good note, she was smiling! She's actually been very smiley today. She's not 100% yet, she's still having a lots of movements, gnawing at that hand, and temperature regulation is off, but otherwise she's been great! She had school today and did great for that, but no other scheduled therapies. Tomorrow will be a much busier day in the therapy dept. Tonight she was still very tense in her body and difficult to hold (I was trying to get her out of her chair because she gets so sweaty). As she was falling asleep, she kept jolting back awake and becoming stiff as a board! Mike eventually just took her up to bed, but I have a feeling she's going to do that a lot tonight. Hopefully she's still able to get some decent sleep! Such a sweet girl! The boy has been doing well at school. Finally getting used to some of the routine, but still having issues with transitions. Today his teacher was trying to get him to say "I want some juice" instead of just grunting/fussing at his cup and he was getting frustrated with her and finally she said he just yelled out "I WANT SOME  JUICE!!!" And she gave it to him! Of course I tried that with him once he got home and he eventually just resorted to screaming, hitting, biting, and pinching me and then throwing himself on the floor! Still work to be done, but progress nonetheless! While he was screaming I saw in his throat again and his tonsils are both covered in pus still! Not sure what that's about and why it hasn't cleared up since it's been almost a week! Poor guy...if we could just get him healthy! So frustrating! Thankfully he doesn't seem to be feeling bad, but who knows.

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