Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sleep and calm

Reagan slept well last night. Let me elaborate a little on that. That, in and of itself, is a huge blessing that we don't take for granted! It's such a natural thing, like breathing, everyone does it and never thinks twice! But for our mito/medically fragile/special needs kiddos, it doesn't come easy and at times it doesn't come at all! Reagan has certainly been in that boat way too often, days and days of no sleep and constant movement, to the point that we wonder how much longer her little body can tolerate it before it just gives out on her! It's a scary thing! Little Abigail is struggling with that right now! Poor girl, she's been through so much in the last week, and now she is plagued by the constant movements and unable to get any rest (even with tons of medication)! It breaks my heart! Please continue to keep her in your prayers! Reagan woke up with morning still very serious but calm. Making some gaggy faces here and there (with tongue sticking way out), but otherwise good, no actual nausea (of course we're still giving her Zofran around the clock). She's got three nasty looking mosquito bites on her arm from our outing Monday afternoon! Ugh! It was only 30 min or so, but that little bugger got her good! She had several therapies today and she did relatively well considering. So it would seem that we might be out of the woods and that maybe her cycles are changing a bit. That episode of crying Sun night and then again Mon morning might have been the extent of her bad cycle this go round. She seems to be in more of the recovery phase now (fingers crossed). Tonight she dozed off on her own really early (for her), around 9pm or so. So nice to see my girl sleeping peacefully! I will never take that for granted!

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