Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sleep all day kinda day

Reagan slept all night last night and then just kept sleeping and sleeping and sleeping today! Her nurse changed her diaper several times, she'd move and stretch, but never cracked her eyes even once! Her nurse came and went, an entire shift spent waiting for our sleeping beauty to wake up! She did eventually wake up. Very briefly. Around 9pm she started moving around and Mike went up and saw her crack her eyes open! He scooped her up and brought her downstairs, but she was still reluctant to even open her eyes. She was very crunchy, bent completely in half like a rolly poly, and a little kooky! I changed her diaper, picked the sleep out of her eyes, and wiped the gunk off her mouth before she dozed back off. She was pretty restless after that so I eventually gave her a dose of clonidine and that helped her to fall asleep. Hopefully she'll sleep soundly tonight!

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