Thursday, May 29, 2014

Restless sleep but calm and sweet

Reagan was a little restless last night. She did sleep, but woke around 5am and was very vocal. Finally around 6am, you could tell by the tone of her voice that she wanted out of bed. Mike put her in her therapy room with cartoons and I slept in til 7am or so when her brother decided to wake up. We all hung out in the therapy room watching cartoons for a bit. Reagan was excitable and would let out a high pitched squeal every now and then, but I think it was more to get attention than being overstimulated. Her body was actually very calm today. A lot less tension and movement. She had PT at 11 and we incorporated a little parachute time into the end of her session. I bought a Gymboree parachute when I decided to pull Ryan out of Gymboree classes. It was his favorite part of the class, so now we can do it at home and with Reagan! They both seemed to enjoy it, although Ryan did get a little crazy when I tried to put it away! Reagan had speech in the afternoon and did OK with that as well. Tonight I left both kiddos with Daddy while I went to Bible study (Grandpa's out of town, so both of us could not go). Reagan was as calm and sweet as can be...Ryan wrecked havoc on the living room while Daddy was on a conference call! I got home at 9:45pm to find Ryan just settling into bed and my girl super sweet and smiley! I could tell Reagan was tired, she looked so calm and content, but she just wasn't falling asleep. I picked her up and tried holding her, but immediately she got very spitty and chokey (she coughed a huge mouthful of spit in my face), so I had to put her back in her chair where she was more upright. She did eventually doze off on her own, but you could tell it was still a very restless sleep. Mike laid down with her and I peeked in on them to find him snoring up a storm and Reagan laying there opening and closing her eyes every 10seconds or so! I love to see her so peaceful...such an angel!

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