Thursday, May 22, 2014

Not good

Reagan woke up this morning at a normal time. She was OK, but you could tell she was a little off. She was congested so her nurse sucked out her nose and got out a good amount of thick snot (she was also sticking her tongue out a lot, but we weren't sure if it was because she was nauseous or just bothered by the drainage).  Her body was super tense and she was still very crunchy. She was making a lot of vocalizations that didn't necessarily sound could tell she was on edge. Then OT came just before 10 and things escalated. They tried to get her into her wheelchair and she nearly flipped out! Her nurse gave her a dose of oxycodone and she eventually calmed down and dozed off. She was still sleeping when PT got here, so that was a no go, we weren't about to wake her up for anything. She woke back up on her own a while later and again was very vocal. That escalated again to near tears, so we gave clonidine a try. Again she dozed back off. That pretty much sums up her day. Not good. It's hard to call it an actual "bad day" because she never actually cried, but when she was awake, she was moaning nonstop. Poor girl! Something was definitely bothering her and we never figured out what it was! I'm just praying she can sleep through the night tonight and wake up feeling much better tomorrow! 

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