Friday, May 30, 2014


Reagan has been a sweetie today! She fell asleep last night and then slept through til 5:30am or so. She woke up a little vocal and kooky, but settled down once Mike moved her to her chair. She's been SO sweet today. Making wonderful eye contact, has great head control, not overly into her hand or anything...just all around perfect! She had a wonderful session with her speech therapist at noon and they worked with the eye gaze device. Then at 2 she had both the OT and speech therapist from school come and she did really great with them as well! And then another visit from her teacher (since Monday was a holiday). We couldn't have asked for a better girl today. She was so attentive and smiley and sweet...really just perfect all day! Tonight she drifted off to sleep again on her own. Such a princess. Sweet dreams!
Not the best picture, but they crack me up, both with their hands in their mouths!

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