Sunday, May 4, 2014

On the verge

I don't think Reagan slept at all last night. We tried several things, but nothing seemed to do the trick! She would be still for a bit, and then tossing and turning the next! On a good note, at least she was in her bed! This morning she seemed smiley enough, and she was good all morning, but still had the underlying tension and temperature issues.  She's been much more sensitive today with several meltdowns. We tried to bring her downstairs for a bit but her brother's nonstop high pitched shrieking set her off and she started crying! We quickly took her back upstairs and she calmed down. I don't blame her, her brother gave me a splitting headache today as well! We had wanted to take her outside to swing on her swing! Mike hung it from our back porch and I think she'll love it (on a good day)! Needless to say, swinging was not happening today. She had another mini meltdown a little while later, I think, from me talking. You just never know what's going to set her off on days like this. Unfortunately, a little later we had a major A/C issue (like it's not working upstairs) and we had to relocated her to the downstairs bedroom. We were able to shut the door and block the noise enough so that her brother didn't set her off again, but we had our concerns! She did fine the rest of night, even with exposure to her brother. I picked her up and held her for a while (to let her sweaty back breathe). After I gave her clonidine, Mike picked her up and tried to put her in bed and she flipped OUT! I could tell she was getting tense the second he picked her up, but I was hoping she would settle down...nope, quite the opposite! I picked her back up and rocked her for an hour or so. Most of that time she was crying inconsolably, like she was in pain! Poor thing! It was the saddest thing ever. Finally, with the help of Lortab, she settled down a bit and I was able to put her in her chair and she fell asleep. Of course she was back awake shortly thereafter, so I'm guessing tonight is another night of no sleep! Please keep my girl in your prayers! (And keep praying for Abigail!)

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