Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Off but OK

Reagan slept like a rock last night! Thank goodness because it had been a couple nights of no sleep...she definitely needed it! She woke up this morning very tense (stiff as a board really), but OK. She was too "off" for vision therapy, but she did OK with PT and OT this afternoon. She actually fell asleep during OT! She seemed a little nauseous this afternoon (mouth movements, a little chokey, and tongue sticking out), but she never progressed. Tonight she was surprisingly calm while her brother proceeded to throw the biggest temper tantrum ever right in front of her! And then she dozed off on her own! No clue what to expect in the coming days, but I'm just thankful she's stable and finally getting some sleep. Ryan has been quite the handful today. He went in for his checkup (for his ears) and that one left ear is still infected! We're not sure if the antibiotic drops just aren't getting all the way in to treat the infection or if maybe it's just not the right antibiotic (they're sending out a sample for culture). So for now, we'll continue the drops and start him on an oral antibiotic for his sinus infection (and that might help clear the ear infection as well)! I told the doctor that we're already seeing major improvements in his speech and he said yeah, because he can hear now! He said we should see even more improvements once he can hear out of BOTH ears! Please keep it in your prayers that this infection clears up and stays away for good!

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