Sunday, May 11, 2014

New GJ tube

Reagan slept well last night...much better than I did that's for sure! To say I was freaking out was an understatement. I had many concerns...who do I call, when do I call, when do we go to the ER, will they even have her tube in stock, will there be a radiologist on call that can place it??? I was totally freaking out! At 8am I called the GI doctor on call and he told us we should take her to the ER. I also texted her pediatrician and he agreed and said he'd call ahead to let them know we were coming. Reagan went all night without feeds but this morning we were able to connect her extension (and hold it in place) and at least get her medicines into her (we flushed them with formula). After we finished a lightening round of meds, we left brother in Grandma's care and headed to the hospital at 9am. They took us straight back thanks to our pediatrician calling ahead of time. Reagan was good but slightly tense (not 100% good like yesterday). They checked her sugars just to make sure they were stable after going all night without food...all was good so they didn't even put in an iv. Thankfully they had her tube size on hand as well as a radiologist on standby. The placement went smoothly and we were headed home just before noon! Reagan fell asleep just before we left and then slept the whole drive home and then almost the entire day! I guess today was her sleepy day? I'm just glad all turned out well! Thank you so much for the prayers! Crisis averted.

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