Friday, May 9, 2014

Just perfect

Reagan slept well last night, but she was up and at em early at 6:20am (as was her brother)! She was super wonderful today! Very smiley, very sweet! Just perfect. Great head control. She had speech and school today and she did great for both. Words really can't describe how wonderfully precious she's been today. SO thankful for days like these. Today we also took her brother in to the doctor. He tested negative for strep, so the doctor thinks he probably has a virus that mimics strep (like adenovirus). He also said that it's very common for older kids with chronic ear infections to still get a couple more infections after getting their tubes in. I'd like to clear this infection and never see another one, but he said it's possible he might get another before he's done with them for good. I'm just so ready for him to be able to hear out of BOTH ears!! Every day he's saying new words. Today it was big/little! So happy to see him progressing (even with just one ear)! Feeling very thankful for both of my kiddos today and ready for a great mother's day weekend with my mom!!

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