Saturday, May 10, 2014

Great girl, broken tube

Reagan was fighting sleep a little last night, but eventually dozed off in my arms thanks to clonidine. She woke up again early this morning around 6:40am (and of course her brother followed behind her). She has been SO wonderful again today. So smiley, so sweet, laid back...just perfect again! Grandma was thrilled to see her doing so well! We just never know from day to day, so it's always a gamble. My mom and I went for a mother's day lunch today (wanted to miss the Sunday crowds). We went to a place in Austin called Trudy's. It's mexican food with an Austin flair and it's SO good...seriously like my new favorite place (too bad it's so far away from our house...near the UT campus). Then we drove around Austin and we drove by the house she and my Dad lived in when I was born. So much has changed, but the neighborhood is still very similar and the house seems (according to her) to be exactly the same! It was a good day. Reagan was great for the nurse, Ryan was a handful for Mike (but what's new). When we got home, we took Reagan for a little stroll in her tricycle (which needs some adjustment) and Ryan went swimming with Daddy. He had a blast and we sat on the back porch for a while watching him. He's fearless now and with his floatie on he can get around the pool from one side to the other without assistance! Afterward we went for a walk and Ryan had the biggest tantrum EVER! I eventually just called Mike and had him come pick us back up! Tonight Reagan's been great but after Mike laid her down, he came back downstairs with her extension still attached to a portion of her gj-tube! The damn thing is broken and we now have no way to attach her formula tonight or give her medicines in the morning! To say I'm freaking out is an understatement! Please keep it in your prayers that we're able to get a new tube for her tomorrow and that we avoid any major crisis!

Before Ryan's meltdown! 

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Diane said...

oh no.. I know nothing about tubes except that it sounds very bad when they break. I hope they were able to help Reagan and get you guys back home quickly. Fingers crossed that this is the last round of ear infections for Ryan- and thrilled to hear that he is talking more!