Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Great day

It's been another great day for my girl! She slept well last night (with the help of clonidine) and then woke up sweet and smiley again this morning. She had a busy morning of therapy, Vision, followed by PT, and then OT! She did great with everything! Then after brother woke from his nap, we decided to jump in the car and head over to the Aquarium (because we have to seize these good days while we have them)! The Aquarium is less than 10min from our house and we like to go after the morning crowds (school busses) have cleared and before kids start getting out of school. It was a great day for Reagan to go...she was very visually attentive and seemed to really enjoy herself. Ryan, ever a fan of fish, loves it too (although today he was trying to toss stuff into the tanks)! There are some really big, low tanks that are great for both kids to have a close up view while still in their strollers! The rays are always a big favorite! They're very friendly and seem like they want to jump out of the tank!

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