Saturday, May 31, 2014

Good girl

Reagan had another good day today. Fell asleep on her own last night, woke up this morning sweet and smiley! She was a little more "into" her hand today (at times jamming up to 4 fingers down her throat), but otherwise very good. She's been very laid back again today, nothing seems to bother her in the least. She wore her AFOs, played with the ipad and other noisy things, she was just all around good again today. We did FINALLY get a pool fence installed last week! We're not thrilled with how it looks, but truth be told there is nothing we would have preferred, and it's a very necessary evil. And now we are able to let Ryan loose in the back yard without having to constantly chase him to keep him out of the pool, so that's really nice! Daddy and Ryan went swimming in the afternoon. The pool has finally warmed up a bit and their teeth have stopped I think we can probably get Reagan in very soon. Today, however, Reagan and I sat this one out. The mosquitoes have been brutal and Reagan reacts horribly to mosquito bites, so we just watched them swim from the comfort of the air conditioned living room! They were out there for quite a while and when they finished Ryan could hardly keep his eyes open! Something tells me someone is going to sleep like a rock tonight!

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