Thursday, May 8, 2014

Good girl, sick boy (AGAIN)

Reagan slept well again last night. This morning I heard her make a noise and I went in only to find her on her side with her arm wedged on the side of her bed. Not sure if she was stuck or just had it there, but she had soaked through her diaper and onto her bed (I guess because she fell asleep so early last night). She was a little kooky this morning, but OK. She had a busy morning of therapy with vision/OT from the school, OT, and PT all before noon! She did great for everything and was able to finally get things moving on her own (two dirty diapers). Then she had a 1pm appt with the PM&R doctor. Just a 6month followup. One thing we discussed is trying to get some padding for the tray of her wheelchair. She keeps getting these mystery bruises on her arms (near her elbows) and we think it's from her banging her arms the tray of her wheelchair! Poor thing! She also elbows the bathtub too, but we think it's the tray. She was great, her brother was climbing the walls and driving me nuts, but she was great! Tonight we were thinking we were going to Bible study, when I was talking to Mike about Ryan constantly putting his fingers in his mouth. Right as I said that, he opened his mouth and Mike looked in and saw little pockets of pus all over his right tonsil (even though he's taking an antibiotic)! Poor guy! I guess he has a reason to be fussy! Bible study was a no go. He got increasingly fussy, so it's a good thing we didn't go. Looks like we'll be headed into the pediatrician tomorrow morning! Never a dull moment! Please keep our boy in your prayers! He really needs to catch a break! Between his ear infection that just won't go away, a green runny nose/sinus infection, and now this?!?!? Ugh! Thankfully Reagan seems to be doing much better. Today we've gotten smiles and even some laughs. Tonight when she was snuggled up next to me, she was so present and content...I love it! Such a darling girl!

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