Sunday, May 18, 2014

Getting there

Reagan slept well last night. She woke up this morning, still a little serious, but even better than the day before. As the day went on, she definitely loosened up a bit and even gave me some laughs. Of course, they were associated with gassy poopy diapers (she had 3), but whatever floats her boat! She's still a little mouthy (sticking her tongue out a lot), but we started her back up on the Zofran so hopefully that will keep any nausea at bay. It was nice in the afternoon so we went and sat outside while crazy Daddy and Ryan went swimming! The pool is still WAY too cold for Reagan...we're beginning to wonder if it's ever going to warm up! Ryan's teeth were chattering the whole time, but he just kept running and jumping back in! It's always torture trying to get him back in the house afterward...I'm sure the neighbors wonder what on earth we're doing to him with him screaming the way he does! Still no pool fence. We've got a new company now that is supposed to install it next week. I can hardly wait! It's such a battle right now with Ryan trying to run into the pool every time you let him out the door!

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